Bitcoin Magazine Issue 11

by Bitcoin Magazine

$ 100.00
Collect a piece of Bitcoin history! These are the last remaining copies from Bitcoin Magazine's original print run; get one while they last! The 11th edition of Bitcoin Magazine includes:
  • Bitcoin FAQ
  • Bitcoin May Timeline
  • Facebook Former VP Opens the Door to Bitcoin
  • Interview With BitPremier’s Alan Silbert
  • CoinLab Sues Mt. Gox
  • Carbon Wallet Launch
  • Bitcoin Magazine Congratulates Coinbase on a Series A Round of Funding
  • GYFT Opening 50,000 Locations to Bitcoin
  • btcd: A Full Alternative Bitcoin Implementation Written in Go
  • Investors Join Force With Boost VC to Benefit Bitcoin Businesses
  • Mt. Gox’s Dwolla Account Seized for Unlicensed Money Transmission
  • BitPay Hires Bitcoin Core Developer: Jeff Garzik
  • BitPay Raises 2 Million Led by Founders Fund
  • WebMoney, Bitcoin and Offshore Banking
  • Bitcoin 2013: Day 1
  • Liberty Reserve Shuts Down for Money Laundering
  • Decentralized Currencies, Digital Panhandling, Startup Governments: It’s a Cypherpunk World
  • Seasteading and Free Cities: The New New World?
  • Erik Vorhees Interview: “Bitcoin Is the New Frontier”
  • Bitcoin Comes to Swift
  • Decentralized Exchanges, Do-It-Yourself Currencies and Crypto-Stocks: The Quest to Bring Our Financial System Into the 21st Century Continues
  • Charlie Shrem: “Bitcoin Is Cash With Wings”
  • Bitcoin Is Not Losing Its Soul
  • Bitcoin Becoming a Household Name With the First Bitcoin Baby
  • Bitcoin on the PayPal Network
  • BitInstant: We Have Money Transmitter Licenses in 30 States
  • Rebuilding the Internet II: SSL and Convergence
  • Insight from Coinsetter CEO Jaron Lukasiewicz
  • From Wall Street to Bitcoin: Jonathan Silverman