Bitcoin Magazine Issue 7

by Bitcoin Magazine

$ 100.00
Collect a piece of Bitcoin history! These are the last remaining copies from Bitcoin Magazine's original print run; get one while they last! The seventh edition of Bitcoin Magazine includes:
    • Bitcoin vs. Gold
    • PayPal Assault on File-Sharing Sites
    • Common Misconceptions About Bitcoin
    • Increasing Your Online Security With VPNs
    • Bitcoin Enhances Presence at CES
    • I Don’t Get It! How Can I Start Accepting Bitcoin for My Business?
    • Electrum, an Alloy of Instant Think Client and Public Servers
    • Viva La Cupcake!
    • Venture Capitalists Are Starting to Get Excited
    • Coinbase Interview
    • Economic Censorship and Freedom of Speech
    • U.S. Merchants Will Be Able to Pass on Credit Card Fees Starting January 27
    • Why We’ll All Be Running Full Nodes in 20 Years
    • Dwolla Begins PayPal-Style Account Suspensions
    • Activism, Solidarity and Freedom
    • Bitcoin for Community Currencies
    • Satoshi Dice and Bitcoin Gambling
    • Crypto in Plain English
    • Avalon ASIC
    • Bitcoin, Contracts and Smart Property
    • Uptweet Social Media and Bitcoin Meet Yet Again