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Would Mao Hold Bitcoin? (Pre-order)

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by Roger Huang

Foreword by Alex Gladstein

How will China affect Bitcoin's price, your freedoms, and your wallet? How is China pushing the digital yuan and central bank digital currencies? As surveillance technology goes up against open source freedomtech, which will win out?

Roger Huang’s Would Mao Hold Bitcoin? is the authoritative resource exploring Bitcoin’s disruptive intersection with Chinese history. Huang not only pulls back the curtain on the specifics of the history, characters, and story, but on the larger questions that arise from the clash between state-driven Chinese tech and the open source development that is Bitcoin. As a longtime observer, Mandarin speaker, and regular contributor to Forbes and many other platforms on the subject of Bitcoin in China, Huang is uniquely positioned to evaluate the implications for the future.

This paperback book is a pre-order with an expected release date of June 16, 2024.

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