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My first month is here.

Really enjoying my first issue of Bitcoin magazine. Great help from customer service on the international shipping. A+

Absolute quality product

From the packaging to the high-quality material the magazine is printed on, I'm impressed. Beautiful, full-page photos and the in-depth articles that reach much farther into the issues than the digital, "pump 20 articles a day" style of content make Bitcoin Magazine a buy that I'd highly recommend.

Love it

Everything and more.

Bitcoin Logo - Dad hat

Awesome Material

Great information, easy to read format. Love...


Best Magazine I have read in the past decade

Love the hat

Adjustable and a great look - will wear it proudly!!

Collectors item-ART

I bought two subscriptions. One to read and tear up for pieces in an art project.

The second to keep as a collectors item.

The first year of the first magazine for Bitcoin. Yes! Clearly a collectible.

Love Ted Lasso!

Bitcoin and Ted Lasso might be my favorite combo yet!

Only Bitcoin!

No explanation needed! Love this shirt

Love it

Nuff said

Sweet T

Great shirt, excellent quality, true fit!
Represent the coin!!

LaserFlip Hat (Orange Beam)


This magazine, is the insight I've been looking for with regards to the crypto industry. I am in Canada and it took about 2-3 weeks after i ordered, and i have 0 complaints. Can't wait for my next issue!! $BTC WILL SAVE US.

Bullish mug

Proper bitcoiner mug for a bullish mood with the morning coffee! And it was shipped from Latvia and came in EU super fast!

Excellent payment option

Great magazine, but the real reason I'm buying it online compared to the store is that I can pay with the future of money: Bitcoin



I like the design

I really wanted a bitcoin hat and wanted to support Bitcoin Magazine. but my head is too small for the hat. I still wear it!

Probably what you'd expect

Much more articles and much less advertising than I expected. You definitely need to love bitcoin to pay these high prices.
Some transparency on the number of copies left would be nice. Hard to believe they still have original copies available almost 12 years later. Maybe the prices could come down a bit?

Unexpected additional payment but the magazine is great!

Unexpected additional payment due to customs duties (Zoll) and parcel delivery service flat-rate expenses (DHL Auslagepauschale).
Per magazine 14€ (round $15) for addition.
Shipping location is Germany.
Magazine has an kink, a double packaging would be better.
Glad that there are only 4 magazines per year.
Next year, I'll catch it in Nashville :)

Bitcoin Magazine Annual Subscription

Delivered to me in India

Took a bit of time to get to me but safely delivered to me in India. Arrived in good condition if you want to keep it as a collectors item. Worth the wait!

Laserflip - sticker

Quick Delivery!

So happy about this purchase! Quick delivery and they provided a tracking number as well!