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Love the magazine keeps me interested, full of great information on bitcoin and the world, the format, fonts and design are eye catching presentation at its best. Wonderful read!

Real BTC journalism - beyond typical online maximalism

I very much enjoyed reading the detail about El Salvador’s opportunities and growing pains in adopting Bitcoin. The magazine goes into depth that isn’t typically seen on Substacks or other Bitcoin blogs. It’s one of the only magazines I read cover to cover.

HONK Bitcoin - Canadian Trucker Hat
Mike V.
Canadian Trucker Hat

Good quality and delivered in time!


Good read

Quality publication. Great articles, insights, no ADs… love it

Love my new mug!

The design is awesome - super high quality and even the packaging it comes in is great! :)

Bitcoin Cap

I like it and people who are in the know like it. It makes it easy to find other Bitcoin smart people.

HONK Bitcoin - Canadian Trucker Hat
Paul K.
A Right for freedom

I love it and wear it with pride. If I had more money I would buy a hat for all my friends who believe in the freedom convoy as I do. The hat is cool and well made. Bitcoin gave me a chance to do something in these frustrating times. The Tyranny with a smile is everywhere and bed wetters like Trudeau need to know we see through his malicious lies and we will end his vicious reign.

HONK Bitcoin - Canadian Trucker Hat
Jason F.
HONK Canadian Trucker Hat

Quality item - Love it!

HONK Bitcoin - Canadian Trucker Hat
Thomas F.

Great product and fast deliver with tracking

Great mug

Does the job well. Hope they make a tumbler or a bigger mug for the fat Americans

HONK Bitcoin - Canadian Trucker Hat
Dereck C.


Proud owner.

Im just happy to be able to say I own such a beautiful piece of history in the cryptocurrency world. I own 8 bitcoins now and I am almost just as proud to own this here magazine!

Bitcoin Logo - Dad hat
Christopher O.
Great buy

This is the highest quality, most comfortable hat ever. The Bitcoin logo gets a thumbs up or a question about what is Bitcoin.

HONK Bitcoin - Trucker Hat
great purchase

best trucker hat i’ve bought in a long time!

Bitcoin magazine hat

Great looking hat! Just pretty big. I wear a medium/small in stretch fit and I do have a lot of snap back hats that fit just fine but this hat is just to high profile to fit comfortably. A more low pro trucker hat would be awesome, like most of the ones I own.

HONK Bitcoin - Trucker Hat
Paul W.
My gf loves it! HONK

Got this as a gift for my gf since I wanted to support the HONK movement but have enough caps for myself already. It's cute on her and she says it's comfortable, so I say this is a cap worth buying! HONK

HONK Bitcoin - Canadian Trucker Hat
Alex P.

HONK Bitcoin - Canadian Trucker Hat

Gorgeous magazine

The design and quality of the magazine is gorgeous. They don't make magazines like this any more.

HONK Bitcoin - Canadian Trucker Hat
Penis B.
it's pretty nice

fits my penis pretty well

HONK Bitcoin - Trucker Hat
Gabriel M.

I love it!


Not only is the magazine informative, it's BEAUTIFUL!. Unsurpassed quality for a 'magazine'. More like a coffee table book. I'm only sorry I didn't subscribe earlier. It's a 'keeper'

HONK Bitcoin - Canadian Trucker Hat
Sean R.

HONK Bitcoin - Canadian Trucker Hat

HONK Bitcoin - Canadian Trucker Hat
Spiros T.

Nice hat