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Awesome shirt

Bitcoin Magazine Annual Subscription

The Early Adopter Aristocrat

Bukele's adoption of Bitcoin signals the Millenial generation's first measurable accomplishment in the paradigm of emergent social-political theory: the declaration of digital property rights for the sovereign citizenry of the world. Bukele Bucks are a talking point fixture for the technocratic individual bent on liberty. A perfect coffee table fixture.

I Really enjoy Marcus Connor

It’s a nice fake BM cover. I am proud to support Marcus and other Great BTC artists like Warbond Tommy and CypherpunkNow Martin Fischer! 🙂🙃😉

Bitcoin? You'll love this collection!

If you want entertainment and interesting articles about Bitcoin and collector status, this is a good collection to get!

Beacon of Light

It was an opportunity to see the clandestine movement of the Bitcoin rabbit hole, and all the opportunity it provides to everyone in Bitcoin country


High-quality materials (both physical and content-wise). But, as some constructive feedback, there have been a few noted typographic errors (hey, it happens to us all).

Very high quality and great topics

The quality of the pages and print is unlike any magazine I've had in the past. Plus the wide range of topics and articles was a pleasant surprise. I was on the fence about signing up for bitcoin magazine for over a year, and I can safely say I wish I signed up sooner after receiving my 1st copy this month

Love my Bukele Buck

I am very pleased with my purchase. I love all the details on the note and the bonus gifts were a nice little surprise. I am a big Fan of Bukele and of Bitcoin Magazine.

Very Cool Item!

I’ve been trying to use this at the grocery store and nobody will take it! They also won’t accept my 100,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwe notes either. Well, I’m glad. I love my Bukele Buck BTC note and it’s displayed prominently in my safe, but you need the combination to see it because BTC is pumping and it’s worth so much now! Gets yours while you can. There’s only 21,000,000 available! I hear Jamie Dimon is secretly buying them.

Great hat!

Awesome hat and great delivery

Love it

Print looks amazing on the wall!

"Bukele Buck" Single Note (Acrylic Display)

2023 first issue

Very well done!

Bukele Bucks

Good stuff.

Those look dope!

Those look dope but wtf is "in Veris Numeris"?!?!?

Good articles

This is the first issue I've received and it didn't disappoint. The thic paper makes the issue stand out and feel classy. The colors and black pages make my ADD go a little nuts but I like the art. The green text on black paper killed my eyes. No worries. I can't wait for issue 2.

Bitcoin 2023 After Party
YAY! Bitcoiners partying in Miami is THE BEST!!!!!

The music, cocktails, restaurants, street food, people, rain or no rain, making money and partying all night is the ultimate vibe during Bitcoin Week Miami!

Can't wait for Bitcoin 2023 After Party!

Second Purchase

This was my second purchase from the 256-for-256 collection. Love this piece! Can’t wait to see what the team will do for the next piece of artwork in this series!

First Piece: 256-for-256 Collection

Really happy with this first release from the collection, and getting to share in a little piece of Bitcoin art history!

Perfect Collectable for every Bitcoin lover!

Outstanding print and display quality. The adoption of Bitcoin by Bukele will be viewed as a pivotal moment in the adoption of BTC worldwide. Grab at least 1 now! Own a piece of history!

I love this magazine

It's great and informative. Amazing art throughout. What's not to love about a magazine written completey around bitcoin? I'm a new subscribers but will be lifelong. Thank you!

Fiat Land is Sad (but True) and Humorous at the same time

Love the print; it’s going in my office. It was 1” too long for conventional 16x20 frame size, but I just cut it myself.

Love it!

Looks even better as a print!