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Bitcoin Magazine Annual Subscription

Need to offer plastic wrapped version

I would be all over this if you offered them plastic wrapped for collectors.

A Value-Packed Magazine Every Bitcoiner Would Love!

I bought a few books on Bitcoin and was wondering what would be my next purchase. With its BBF offer, I decided to give Bitcoin Magazine a try and bought a couple of issues (The El Salvador Issue and The Censorship Resistant Issue) just to check it out first because shipping was too costly. I kinda expected the magazines would be about 100 pages each. I was blown away when I saw that each one was way over 100! In fact one was approaching 200 pages, filled with great news and feature articles, industry updates, infographics, tips, posters, comics, etc. Some page layout weren't as intuitive and some font sizes were too small or too stylish/funky too read. Also, how I wish they could print in Europe too (maybe they do, but I didn't find the option easily) so shipping would not be double the price of the magazine issue. But apart from those, I love the magazines! Over a hundred pages of learning & fun. Easily a value-packed magazine every Bitcoiner---and even no-coiner (yet)---would love! Kudos to the entire team. P.S. Borrowing Buzz's words, I say with you guys, "To hyperbitcoinization...and beyond!"

awesome stories

Love the stories. Only complaint - who's idea was it to use white text on an orange bg?

Bitcoin Magazine-Worth Every Bitcoin

I purchased an annual subscription to Bitcoin Magazine and have found it's well worth the cost. I have been kept up-to-date on all the news relating to Bitcoin, self custody and all the new advances in Bitcoin and the possibilities for the future. I highly recommend purchasing an annual subscription to anyone interested in Bitcoin.

Sat Hat

Girlfriend likes my hat. Thank you.

Support the movement!

Bitcoin or die!


Very thorough information and in-depth research provided. So much to learn from all.

Best Magazine in the world

Im in love with this magazine, from the content to the quality and the collectibles feeling, itsjust amazing

Bitcoin Magazine Annual Subscription

Bitcoin Magazine New Subscriber

I love my new subscription to Bitcoin Magazine. I subscribed because I wanted to get the Limited Edition bank notes. I love the notes and love the magazine.

My kids love it!

Great quality and it went over well - all of my child's friends want one now

Happy Bitcoiner!

Very happy to have been able to acquire issue #1 of the Bitcoin magazine. It came in original sealed plastic wrap.

The best

The hat, and Satoshi himself is the best. It’s what every person worldwide should stand for! Cryptographic genius, thanks guys!


love it

Great Idea!

Can should do this with the other magazines too. Like a pick-4 for $xx.xx you know? I bet you’d get a lot of people looking to help ring up that cash register. Or like as an option for your members whom already have subscriptions OR while signing up for on. Sure it would cost the customer more, but that on you guys to determine that. It would be nice to get bundle options like this but for the first generation of prints.

Perfect. All great quality garments!

Bitcoin EST 2009 T-Shirt
Barry H.

Bitcoin EST 2009 T-Shirt

Beyond great

Everyone needs a Pepenardo tee! LFG

Great Hat

I’m very happy with the quality, fit and appearance of your hats


Very proud of my SN hat. I'm so proud of it when going around 😁


Great buying experience. Easy payment methods and quick shipping to germany ! 10/10 execution


Insanely nice print of the legendary FAKEGENESIS. Ships in very nice sturdy tube style box. Will be back if you get more Nardos in!

A must-have

An important piece for every Bitcoin Art collection