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Impressive Publication

Very impressed with this mag. Production quality is excellent - from the paper stock to the graphic design and layout - and the content is definitely high-value. Could use a bit more proof reading, but a minor thing. Happy with the purchase and looking forward to the next issue.

Great Little Hodlers

My kids love them just as much as the original Little Hodler 😍

Q1 Issue
Ronald A.

Q1 Issue

Q1 Issue
Yang T.C.

Q1 Issue

Excellent gift for my Little Hodler

My son loves it and so I am. Very pleased with the purchase. BTC to the moon!

Bitcoin Is Venice
Lucinda M.R.
Interesting read

The author did an excellent job writing this book. I like his style of storytelling, it is an easy read.

Bitcoin Sign T-Shirt
Michael G.

Good Quality, nice color and design!

love it

love it send me more ha!

BM Bitopoly
Vishal S.

BM Bitopoly

Q1 Issue
Brilliant articles and engaging content

I loved the Q1 issue! The only thing I will report is my magazine corners come a little bent and damaged when I receive them. I was hoping to archive these in mint condition but I know shipping can cause damages.. just a little disappointed as every issue comes slightly under near mint condition. So I guess as a collector I'd like better shipping packaging.

Bitcoin to the Moon

Great magazine. Thick and packed with good material. Not your flimsy thin magazine. This thing came wrapped in cardboard because they care about the product you receive. No damage during shipping. Thanks Bitcoin Magazine!

Q1 Issue
Vishal S.

Love the BTC mag!

yes a dad hat. I love it!

Wearing it to the next Bitcoin meetup. LFG.

Q1 Issue
Robert W.

Q1 Issue



Bitcoin Magazine Annual Subscription

Great content

Why I wanted this hat.

People wear a sports team logo on their hat. I wear the future of commerce on mine. Love it!!!! Duke.

Great Magazine

One thing that struck me right away was the quality, I mean not just the quality of the paper (which is really nice) but the quality of the contents.

The magazine was thicker than I expected - there really is a lot of content in there and the few ads that are in there are actually relevant.

Great job guys

Q1 Issue
Howard G.

Been in this sector since 1999 and Bitcoin since 2012! Your publication is 10/10 across the board! Speaking as the old guy (60), and have seen many business cycles and publications, your team has nailed this! Keep it up!

Love It

Doesn't make my head look fat like other hats..
People have already noticed and asked where I got the hat.. :)

Bitcoin Magazine Annual Subscription Gift


Its just a well designed hat with good cloth. Its stylish and makes a great gift. I'm planning on buying more.

Infinity / 21M - Snapback Hat
Luca L.
Beautiful hat

Good colors and manufacturing

Gotta Love Bitcoin

Bitcoin is my future!!!!!!!

Bitcoin Magazine Annual Subscription