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The Halving Issue

All new subscriptions will begin with The Halving Issue. 

(8* Issues / Quarterly ) Subscribe to Bitcoin Magazine Collector's Edition Subscription and get
EIGHT issues sent directly to your front door, two copies of each new issue every quarter; one ready to be handled while read and one sealed and packed up and preserved for your magazine collection. 

Description: A global bitcoin news medium with a mission to accelerate hyperbitcoinization, Bitcoin Magazine is for all Bitcoiners: the curious, convicted, and the maximalists. 

  • Exclusive interviews and profiles with leading Bitcoiners
  • Actionable insights on the state of the market
  • Breaking news and cultural trends
  • Powerful photos and artwork from the best artists in the world

The Reader copy will be shipped safely in a secure poly bag to protect the integrity during delivery, while the Collector copy will be further sealed to ensure a fingerprint-free cover for the print magazine aficionados. 

Print magazines, not money. Buy Bitcoin Magazine.


Exclusive print magazines each quarter are limited in production. Don't miss out on collecting a piece of Bitcoin history!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Trent O.$.
Amazing, leaving you on edge of seat and wanting to keep DCAing.

Good evening,
My apologies for such a late response but I do and have enjoyed and loved both issues I have received so far. This may be minor and something a bit off topic and a little odd but there is something about the magazine you can just smell, while reading it makes it more enjoyable you could say. But that is something else. The information in these magazines are fantastic whether you know some of it already or not, because I’m relatively new into crypto so some articles I find extremely fascinating and others but some very small portions I find myself already know but that’s okay. These are great. Love the Bitcoin magazine, wish I could attend a conference someday, those will sure get pricey before too long. Anyways. Thanks for everything. Enjoy looking forward to the next issue and others to come.

Very high quality and great topics

The quality of the pages and print is unlike any magazine I've had in the past. Plus the wide range of topics and articles was a pleasant surprise. I was on the fence about signing up for bitcoin magazine for over a year, and I can safely say I wish I signed up sooner after receiving my 1st copy this month

Good articles

This is the first issue I've received and it didn't disappoint. The thic paper makes the issue stand out and feel classy. The colors and black pages make my ADD go a little nuts but I like the art. The green text on black paper killed my eyes. No worries. I can't wait for issue 2.

Bitcoin Magazine is 🔥

Lots of love goes into this magazine: From the art, layout, and pro-human liberty articles, Bitcoin mag is definitely one to subscribe to.

Mike M.

Great Publication