Bitcoin Magazine Issue 1

by Bitcoin Magazine

$ 1,500.00
Collect a piece of Bitcoin history! These are the last remaining copies from Bitcoin Magazine's original print run; get one while they last! The first edition of Bitcoin Magazine ever printed includes:
  • Commerce Races to the Internet; Is Security Keeping Up?
  • Bitcoin: Prehistory, Predecessors and Genesis
  • Twelve Bitcoin Hits and Eight Spectacular Misses
  • Being Satoshi: A Look Inside the Man Behind the Currency
  • Bitcoin Debut at CES
  • Bitcoin, Decentralization and the Nash Equilibrium
  • Cabbage Gridlock, Congestion of the Flow of Money
  • Reflecting on the 2011 Bubble
  • How Stuff Works: Transactions
  • Bitcoin Under the Worst Possible Conditions
  • A Bit of Instant: Interview With Charlie Shrem