Bitcoin Magazine Issue 4

by Bitcoin Magazine

$ 500.00
Collect a piece of Bitcoin history! These are the last remaining copies from Bitcoin Magazine's original print run; get one while they last! The fourth edition of Bitcoin Magazine includes:
  • Bitcoin for Beginners
  • Argentina Begins Tracking All Credit Cards
  • Parallel Currencies and the Road Map to Monetary Freedom
  • International Payment Services
  • 21 Million Bitcoins Is the Limit … Is It a Problem?
  • Bitcoin and Virtual Goods-Gaming
  • Look at Me Now, I’m Gettin’ Paper
  • Keiser on Coin
  • Bitcoin and Autonomous Agents
  • MintChip: The Royal Canadian Mint’s Alternative to Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin and Blackmailing 2.0
  • Fluttering Expectations
  • Bitzino and the Dawn of ‘Provably Fair’ Casino Gaming
  • Top Secret
  • I Don’t Get It! Why Is Bitcoin Valuable?
  • Brazil and the Global Payment Forum
  • Political Candidate Opens the Door to Bitcoin Donations
  • 11 Things You May Not Know and Could Do With Modern Bitcoin Clients
  • A Brief History of Bitcoin Gambling