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The Censorship Resistant Issue explores the censorship resistant quality of Bitcoin, holding it up to judge the journalists, the gatekeepers, the policy makers and the freedom fighters of recent memory.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Going online for a review to check out whether something you are going to dive into will meet your expectations is standard practice nowadays. Of course, books are no stranger to reviews either. The official mission of writing your own review is about helping other people to decide whether they should spend their time on that particular experience or maybe it’s better to give up on the idea. On the other hand, for you personally, reviewing a book is a perfect way to reflect on all those pages you read to really sort the wheat from the chaff.

    Jeff B.
    A Value-Packed Magazine Every Bitcoiner Would Love!

    I bought a few books on Bitcoin and was wondering what would be my next purchase. With its BBF offer, I decided to give Bitcoin Magazine a try and bought a couple of issues (The El Salvador Issue and The Censorship Resistant Issue) just to check it out first because shipping was too costly. I kinda expected the magazines would be about 100 pages each. I was blown away when I saw that each one was way over 100! In fact one was approaching 200 pages, filled with great news and feature articles, industry updates, infographics, tips, posters, comics, etc. Some page layout weren't as intuitive and some font sizes were too small or too stylish/funky too read. Also, how I wish they could print in Europe too (maybe they do, but I didn't find the option easily) so shipping would not be double the price of the magazine issue. But apart from those, I love the magazines! Over a hundred pages of learning & fun. Easily a value-packed magazine every Bitcoiner---and even no-coiner (yet)---would love! Kudos to the entire team. P.S. Borrowing Buzz's words, I say with you guys, "To hyperbitcoinization...and beyond!"

    Dallas S.

    Very high quality publication.