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Bitcoin Magazine Issue 10

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Collect a piece of Bitcoin history! These are the last remaining copies from Bitcoin Magazine's original print run; get one while they last! The 10th edition of Bitcoin Magazine includes:
  • Bitcoin FAQ
  • Bitcoin April Timeline
  • Porsche Sold for 300 BTC
  • Business Insider Lays Out the Future Success of Bitcoin
  • NYC Bar, EVR, Accepts Payments in Bitcoin
  • Bitfloor Shuts Down
  • Let’s Talk Bitcoin Launches
  • The Pirate Bay Accepts Bitcoin Donations
  • OzCoin Hacked, Stolen Funds Seized and Returned by StrongCoin
  • The First Chinese Charity to Accept Bitcoin Receives $30,000 in Two Days
  • PayPal President Considers Bitcoin
  • Bitcoins for Boston
  • Bitcoin-Mining Malware Spreads Through Skype
  • Roger Ver Interview
  • Bitcoin: Taking Us Back to Constitutional Principles One Bit at a Time
  • First They Ignore You …
  • Bitcoin-Credible Solution to Merchant and PayPal Woes
  • Bitcoin Exchanges and Security Question
  • The Stability Question
  • Bitcoin More Foolproof Than Gold
  • MEGA Interview on Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Is Not Antisocial: A Rebuttal to Paul Krugman
  • The Bitcoin Crash: An Examination
  • Crypto in Plain English, Part VI: One-Time Pad
  • Bipartisan Policymaking to Support Small Businesses: Made Complete With Bitcoin
  • Rebuilding the Internet I: Email & Bitmessage
  • The Myth of Decentralized Trust: Why Bitcoin Mining Cannot Guarantee Blockchain Security
            Limited Supply

            Bitcoin Magazine Issue 10 supply is limited. Once gone, they will never be printed again. Collect a piece of Bitcoin history before it's gone forever!

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