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Bitcoin Magazine Issue 16

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Collect a piece of Bitcoin history! These are the last remaining copies from Bitcoin Magazine's original print run; get one while they last! The 16th edition of Bitcoin Magazine includes:
  • Bitcoin FAQ
  • Bitcoin Timeline (Mid October–Mid November)
  • The Pirates of 8BTC Implement the Idea of Distributed Autonomous Corporations
  • First Latin Bitcoin Conference Set to Take Place in Argentina
  • Bitcoins in the Netherlands de Waag (First Place in NL)
  • TitanBTC a New Cold Storage Contender
  • Virgin Galactic Accepts Bitcoin for Space Tourism
  • Western Union Says Bitcoin Not Ready for Prime Time
  • 8BTC Interview With BTCC
  • Why It Is Reasonable to Expect Bitcoin’s Growth to Continue
  • Wikipedia and Bitcoin from Self-Organization to Specialization
  • Bitcoins or Blenders
  • John Law Gambles With Bitcoin
  • I’m Hoarding Bitcoins and No, You Can’t Have Any
  • Clothed in Riches
  • In the Garden of Money ... Resentment Blooms
  • The Economic Singularity from Holland With Love
  • An Interview With Hakim Mamoni of DealCo.In and SeedCo.In
  • Money’s Fundamental Flaw: The Displacement of Value
  • The Future of Money TV Series—An Interview With Heather Schlegel
  • Common Bitcoiner Sayings 2013
  • Breakfast With an Anarchist—An Interview With Amanda Billyrock
  • The Bitcoin Harvest
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