Bitcoin Magazine Issue 21

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Collect a piece of Bitcoin history! These are the last remaining copies from Bitcoin Magazine's original print run; get one while they last! The 21st edition of Bitcoin Magazine includes:
  • Altcoin Mining Use Case
  • Bitcoin Blockchain to Authenticate Virtual Reality
  • Do Cryptocurrencies Really Compete? Learning from VHS, Betamax, Netflix and Hulu
  • Texas-Based Business
  • Bitcoin + Marx
  • How an Economy Grows
  • Transaction Rights: The Necessary Product of Block Chaining
  • What Is a Bitcoin Address, and What Does It Mean to Sign It?
  • Conflict in the Ukraine
  • Take My Bitcoins
  • SXSW & Taking Bitcoin Mainstream
  • Weaving Is a Better Metaphor for Bitcoin, Instead of Mining
  • Bitcoin & Social Tipping
  • Crypto Art
  • 10 Examples of Decentralized Art
  • Behind the Cover
                  Limited Supply

                  Bitcoin Magazine Issue 21 supply is limited. Once gone, they will never be printed again. Collect a piece of Bitcoin history before it's gone forever!

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                  Yes, all magazines sold are authentic and are the last remaining copies of Bitcoin Magazine Issue 21, which will never be produced ever again.

                  Collect a piece of Bitcoin history before they're gone forever!

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