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"Bukele Buck" Single Note (Acrylic Display)

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Own an individual "Bukele Buck" banknote designed by artist Tom Badley for the Bitcoin Magazine® THE ORANGE PARTY ISSUE. 

This collectible art piece is limited to 6000 individually numbered bills. Includes magnetically-sealed acrylic case with acrylic stand for display (as seen in photo).
  • Diamond pattern Security Watermark Paper (95 gsm)
  • Paper Watermark integrated UV fibers (fluoresces under UV light).
  • Ultra High Resolution Offset (Perfect Registration)
  • Microtext + Microlines
  • Engraved Portraiture / Scenes
  • Colour Serial Numbering 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
The Early Adopter Aristocrat

Bukele's adoption of Bitcoin signals the Millenial generation's first measurable accomplishment in the paradigm of emergent social-political theory: the declaration of digital property rights for the sovereign citizenry of the world. Bukele Bucks are a talking point fixture for the technocratic individual bent on liberty. A perfect coffee table fixture.

Lorne M.
Love my Bukele Buck

I am very pleased with my purchase. I love all the details on the note and the bonus gifts were a nice little surprise. I am a big Fan of Bukele and of Bitcoin Magazine.

Chris C.
Very Cool Item!

I’ve been trying to use this at the grocery store and nobody will take it! They also won’t accept my 100,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwe notes either. Well, I’m glad. I love my Bukele Buck BTC note and it’s displayed prominently in my safe, but you need the combination to see it because BTC is pumping and it’s worth so much now! Gets yours while you can. There’s only 21,000,000 available! I hear Jamie Dimon is secretly buying them.

Vishal S.

"Bukele Buck" Single Note (Acrylic Display)

Bukele Bucks

Good stuff.