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Check Your Financial Privilege

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Alex Gladstein has a lot to say about Bitcoin, human rights, financial privilege, and personal freedom. In Check Your Financial Privilege, he says it, starting with the fact that anyone born into a reserve currency like the euro, yen, or pound has financial privilege over the 89% of the world population born into weaker systems.

In Nigeria, human rights activists depend on Bitcoin for donations after crackdowns by authoritarian regimes. In Cuba, after a dual-currency system devalued the peso, those who saved in Bitcoin managed to stay afloat. In El Salvador, where remittance fees and exchange rates can eat away a simple money transfer to family members in need, Bitcoin offers hope with lower fees and faster transactions (and now it's legal tender).

As CSO of the Human Rights Foundation, Gladstein is uniquely positioned to detail the rise of Bitcoin from cypherpunk dream to the real-life Bitcoin stories happening to real people across the globe. For people around the world, outside of Wall Street, Bitcoin offers a means of freedom from inflation, political strife, and an outdated monetary system. For these people, the majority of the world’s population, it might even save their lives.


*Proceeds from the purchase of Check Your Financial Privilege support the HRF 

Author(s): Alex Gladstein

Published By: BTC Media Inc


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Check Your Financial Privilege is a must read for any Bitcoiner. Learn more about Bitcoin and be a part of hyperbitcoinization!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alex G.

Check Your Financial Privilege

thumbs up

alex is the best. thanks for all your hard work.

John M.
This Is Why Bitcoin Matters

The humanitarian viewpoint covered in CYFP is perhaps the most important answer to “Why Bitcoin?” I’ve read. It’s one thing to learn how Bitcoin is a once in a species type of discovery, but reading about the impact Bitcoin is already having in the poorest and most oppressive countries had a profound effect on me. Gladstein truly is a remarkable writer and his viewpoint is unique in the Bitcoin space. I had read most of his work prior to buying this book but having it cohesively tied together really hammered home how Bitcoin is changing lives not in 10 or 20 years but right now. Those sleeping on the decision to study up on Bitcoin should put this book at the top of their list. Thank you Alex!

Lucinda M.R.
Excellent Read!

It is so much information in this book! I cannot put this book down, it is very interesting.

Merissa C.
Can we get an audiobook please:)

Would love to listen!