Bitcoin Magazine Issue 20

by Bitcoin Magazine

$ 100.00
Collect a piece of Bitcoin history! These are the last remaining copies from Bitcoin Magazine's original print run; get one while they last! The 20th edition of Bitcoin Magazine includes:
  • The Ambassador for Botswana, Africa
  • A Spectator’s Guide to Bitcoin Futures
  • Why Do Economists Hate Bitcoin?
  • Privilege and the Protocol
  • Retirement: Buffet vs. Gold and Gold 2.0
  • Public Money: Avoiding Its Privatization
  • #WeAreSatoshi
  • Geostrategic Implications of Bitcoin
  • Don’t Smash Your iPhone, Use Mintspare
  • Misinformation
  • Diversifying Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio
  • A Look Into Bitcoin Bigfoot
  • Flappy Bird Gambling Shows Why Bitcoin Is the Gambling Instrument of the Future
  • Harvesting in the Bitcoin Field